Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Victor?

Victor is the umbrella company through which Victor US, Victor Insurance Netherlands, Victor Insurance Italy, Victor Germany, ICAT, Victor Canada, Victor Insurance UK, and Victor Australia are managed.

Victor and its businesses operate as managing general underwriters (MGUs), offering a wide range of property, liability and specialty insurance products in countries around the world.

2. What is a managing general underwriter (MGU)?

MGUs hold a unique and valuable space within the insurance world. They can offer almost all of the services that an insurance company would provide, without bearing the financial risk of insurance policy losses. As a result, they often bring innovative ideas to market. An MGU is an intermediary between the broker and insurance companies, often developing and managing programs that most insurance companies do not want to underwrite in-house. MGUs may work with just one insurance company or several to build and manage an insurance program. Victor subsidiaries are all examples of managing general underwriters.

3. Where is Victor located?

Victor is headquartered in the United States and has business operations in Canada, the UK, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, and Australia.

4. What types of insurance coverage are offered through Victor?

Visit the Solutions page to learn more about each subsidiary and what they offer.

5. How can I access services from Victor subsidiaries?

Links to each subsidiary website are available on the Solutions page.