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Victor Insurance Nederland and Italia

Victor Insurance offers specialized underwriting capability in professional liability, specialty property and casualty insurance, as well as employee benefits. Services are distributed through innovative, technology-based solutions designed to protect businesses while helping them to grow in the Netherlands and Italian markets.

Professional Indemnity

Even with the best employees and the best risk management practices in place, mistakes can happen. Companies that perform professional services for others, either under contract or for a fee, can be sued by their clients. Grounded or not, any claim has potential to take time and money to defend. A professional indemnity insurance policy is an important risk management tool companies employ to protect their business. When choosing a professional indemnity insurance partner, it is important for your clients to have stability, claims expertise and experience on their side.

Fine Arts

Art collections – including paintings, sculptures, coins, stamps, antiques, rare objects and unique artifacts – can be very valuable, whether they are housed privately or in a museum or business location. Victor Insurance Italia’s insurance solutions offer wide and flexible coverages to suit your clients’ needs.

Employee Health & Benefits

For your clients, getting the right employee benefit insurance solutions for their employees and business is essential. A well-designed group benefits program can provide valuable protection for their employees and help attract top candidates in today’s competitive marketplace.

Victor Insurance Italia offers customized personal accident, life and medical insurance solutions for commercial businesses. We bring a diverse array of innovative employee health and benefit solutions via our online B2B2C platform, backed by the strength of our market-leading insurance providers.

When choosing a professional indemnity insurance partner, it is important for your clients to have stability, claims expertise and experience on their side.”

Cyber Liability

No matter the size of the organization, they can be affected by malware or suffer a network breach, causing loss of intellectual property, or theft of sensitive customer or employee information. As technology becomes more complex and sophisticated, so do cyber threats.

Victor Insurance Italia offers innovative ways to evaluate this risk and underwrite cyber insurance. Find out how we can help you identify the best cyber insurance protection for your client’s business assets against the complexity of cyber threats.


Victor Insurance is a specialist when it comes to risk profiling for the hospitality industry. Our cutting-edge digital technology empowers agents to identify and quantify risks correctly by using our profiling tools. We ensure that the risk and premium match perfectly, resulting in the best quotes in the market regarding premiums, broad coverage and the lightest warranties.

Large Risks

Most insurers will offer a general corporate insurance package, including property and general liability, along with smaller coverages like environmental damage. Victor Insurance offers companies that have outgrown these standard packages a suite of individual coverages, providing your clients with the ease of a standard corporate insurance package, but without the constraints of low limits or low TSIs. We can also add coverages that are normally unavailable in standard packages, like cyber, construction-all-risks, directors’ and officers’ liability, or land-based equipment.


Victor Insurance can design, underwrite and easily integrate a competitive insurance product into the sales process by offering clients a simple and easy-to-use digital platform, or by integrating your data and our tools directly into your sales process. Whether you require online or in-store automation, we can deliver.

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