Victor Netherlands

Victor Netherlands

Victor Netherlands, formerly Mees & Zoonen, began operations almost 300 years ago in Rotterdam. It is well-positioned in Europe as a managing general underwriter offering innovative, technology-based insurance services for brokers and clients. Drawing from a deep and rich history, Victor Netherlands is focused on providing specialized and complex portfolio solutions to cater to the needs of brokers and their clients.


Victor Netherlands offers a broad range of insurance products for the hospitality industry at highly competitive premium rates. Our innovative digital solutions empower brokers to correctly identify and quantify risks with cutting-edge profiling tools. By matching risk with the right Victor solutions, brokers can provide comprehensive, cost-effective coverage for their clients while helping them to avoid coverage gaps.

Larger risks

Victor Netherlands is a specialist in corporate insurance, offering a suite of individual products to enable companies to tailor a total coverage package without the constraints of low limits and TSIs. Our unique corporate insurance program goes beyond the expected to include optional coverages, such as cyber insurance, construction all risks, directors and officers liability and land-based equipment insurance.

Victor's innovative and unique solutions take you to the next level in the insuretech era.”

Affinity business

Are your clients looking for an insurance product to boost sales of their product? Does a challenging insurance market for a particular product hinder their sales? Victor Netherlands can design, underwrite and easily integrate a competitive insurance program into the retail sales process. Our advanced technology solutions provide full underwriting automation, clear information streams for customers and sales reps, as well as valuable data tracking and analysis. Choose from a simple and easy to use internet platform or a full integration of proprietary data and Victor tools directly into the sales process. Whether your client needs an online solution or in-store automation, we can deliver.

Small Industry

We understand that small business owners work hard every day to better serve their customers, employ more people and drive results. Victor Netherlands can help brokers build effective insurance solutions for their clients' business assets with customized insurance solutions that support their needs and budget. With innovative and quick quoting tools, brokers with small business clients can rely on Victor Netherlands to be there when it counts.

Services Industry

With broad industry expertise and capabilities in areas such as underwriting, risk control, and claims, we know how to keep service businesses and their employees protected. Brokers can access a wide range of coverage options for their clients through our innovative and easy to use online quoting tools.

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