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One of the largest and most experienced underwriting managers in the United States, Schinnerer provides specialized underwriting programs in professional liability, cyber, management liability, and specialty property and casualty.

Cyber Liability

Cyber-attacks are increasing with frequency and intensity. Companies of all types and sizes, in ever larger numbers, are turning to their insurance professionals to provide cyber liability insurance solutions for this growing threat.

Victor O. Schinnerer & Company offers solutions. Developed with your clients’ needs in mind, we offer sophisticated cyber insurance policies that are customizable to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. Using our online quoting platform, agents and brokers can receive a customized cyber insurance quote in minutes.

Professional Liability

Even with the best employees and risk management practices in place, mistakes can happen.

Firms performing professional services can be sued by their clients. Grounded or not, any claim has the potential to cost a company time and money to defend. A professional liability or errors and omissions insurance policy is an important risk management tool to protect your clients’ businesses. When choosing professional liability insurance, clients want technology-enabled, innovative coverage from a trusted partner.

Choose a partner with the right blend of specialization and future-focus to protect your clients’ businesses.”

Management Liability

Management liability issues are on the rise and continue to increase in complexity. Any organization – public, private, or non-profit – can face the threat of litigation by employees, customers, competitors, volunteers, suppliers, the government and investors. The unique exposures presented by management liability issues can also put corporate and personal assets of directors and officers at risk. A carefully crafted management liability insurance policy is an important resource all businesses should have in place.

Choose a partner with the right blend of specialization and future-focus to protect your clients’ businesses.

Specialty Property/Casualty

Every day, individuals and businesses face a variety of potentially catastrophic risks and uncertainty. Property/casualty coverage helps provide vital personal and professional protection and is an essential component of every business’ risk management strategy.

Specialized operations have unique exposures. Companies need a specialized underwriter to tailor a property/casualty solution that will adequately protect their assets and deeply understand the context and nuances of the risks that arise in their operations.

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